Friday, July 10, 2015

The Final Cut - 8th Grade Home School Outline

I don't know about you, but summer has certainly flown by.  The new school year will be here before you know it.  We plan on starting August 17th.  I already have our first week planned and a supply list made. It feels good to have that out of the way.

As I stated in my previous post things were sure to change and they did.

We are going to start out with Real World Math and then transition to Khan Academy.  

While I wanted to use The Life of Fred for some of our math, I really didn't want to invest in the books for a supplemental program.  I will keep my eye out for used ones or perhaps borrow them one by one from another home school family. I like how the Fred books keep things interesting and fun, but I don't think they provide enough substance for a complete program, especially for 8th grade.

I still plan on combining this with other subjects.  I have books picked out that coincide with US History and Science. We'll be utilizing these for reports, vocabulary, spelling, etc. 

We will be using this book for Nature Study which includes Q&A. Of course we have our bees and meet once a month with our local bee keepers. 
We also have a book of science experiments that includes Q&A as well. That sure makes things easy!  
We are using the documentary: America, The Story of Us  There are study guides provided for each episode on the website.  I have a few other resources that I've printed off the internet to go along with this such as a lap book outline for the Constitution, a week of living like a pioneer which will include no electricity for one day, making your own butter, hand washing clothes, etc.

I will be planning the school year week by week. We will be using composition books (one for each subject) to work in.

The hardest part about planning a school year, is knowing when to stop looking for more resources! There is so much information out there; it's easy to get overloaded with data which actually creates more work in determining which direction to go. My advice, plan an outline of the concepts you want to achieve for the year, then look for resources that meet your needs, obtain them, then...stop!

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