Saturday, February 23, 2013


Part of the fun of homeschooling is that you get to participate in the fun stuff too.  A recent social studies project asked us to make a diorama of a pioneer scene.  Since we don't take life too seriously around here, we loosely followed the rules.

Our subscription to The Appalachian Trail magazine came in handy.  We had fun going through the old publications and choosing the backdrop, wild life, and of course....our pioneers!  Oh, and the creepy guy looking out of the cabin window.

A little backyard foraging provided us with the evergreens (thank you christmas tree) and the twigs needed for our log cabin.  A little glue gun magic and some creative engineering...and our fun diorama is complete.

I think that we will be making more dioramas whether the curriculum calls for it or not.  I think a science themed one will be in our future. Super easy, super fun.


  1. The photos of the two guys high fiving made me laugh so hard!! I love it!

    1. This was by far our favorite home school project! haha.