Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dove Mountain - AZ (Part 3)

The area that we stayed in was mostly boulders, sand, and cactus.  Once we felt more comfortable exploring, we hiked a bit further out and came upon some grassy places.  Some of the stones were smooth, showing polished parts from the past when a river ran through this region.

 Now that I have had my taste from this part of the States, I think I'd like to explore it more.  Arizona is such a large state.  Perhaps next time we can make it to the upper region and visit The Grand Canyon.


  1. My goodness are your photos STRIKING!!! That last one is amazing!!! And those red blooms below just contrast the hues of those rocks brilliantly.. simply outstanding! Nicole xo

  2. Thanks Nicole - you are sweet as ever. I love the last one too! I like how my husband's shirt kind of blends in with the color scheme.