Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dove Mountain - AZ (Part 2)

I wasn't sure what to expect regarding the topography, but I didn't think there would be so many blooms during this time of year.  This is considered winter in AZ as well, although it looked like spring to me. 

 The lichen clinging to the rocks are the most vibrant colors!

The Sonoran Desert is really quite beautiful.

 We went on a jeep tour of the desert.  It was scheduled for the only day calling for rain.  It rained really hard and was quite cold, but it didn't dampen our spirits.

This is what happens to a Saguaro Cactus when it dies.  The insides are like bundles of bamboo holding up their massive structures.
 Everything seems to have spikes out there.

The Fish Hook Barrel Cactus produces this fruit which was plentiful during our stay.

It tastes like a green pepper mixed with rhubarb.  It is very, very tart!  I could see making in into some type of vinaigrette or jelly.  It definitely needs something to tame it's tartness.

Another thing that surprised me about the desert were the smells.  Whenever we walked outside, it smelled like honeysuckle.  We were told it was coming from a certain plant which was starting to bloom.  I love mountains, and rivers, and lakes...but I also found that I love the desert as well.


  1. What a beautiful trip! I love that picture of you both! The scenery is something to just sit and stare at as it has its own uniqueness in its colors and plant species! And that barrel cactus sounds tasty! A happy week to you friend! Nicole xoxo

    1. I thought about you when looking at all the blooms!

  2. You're "mighty handy with a camera", Missy - these are beautiful photos. LOVE the Saguaro skeleton. And I've wondered about the fruit from that cactus...Pepper AND Rhubarb - how interesting is THAT?!!!