Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drawing Together

This month is all about love, so why not bring your family together to draw?  You'd be surprised how much fun it really is.  We play a game called "Draw It" (apparently we aren't very creative when coming up with names for games).

The rules are simple: Someone says a random thing to draw and everyone draws their version of said thing.  If you want to make it more intense you can add a time limit.  When everyone is finished or time is up, compare pictures and let the laughing begin.  If you want to make it a game of Win or Lose, you can vote on the best picture each round and apply a point to that person.  We just play for fun.  It's great for all ages and drawing talent isn't really required.

A tree cutting itself in half.  I particularly like that my son adds dialogue to most of his drawings.

A pineapple dancing on a lollipop.

A fish catching butterflies.

Even after you have finished the game, you will find that your kids still want to you let them.

This would also make a fun gift to put together. Drawing paper, newly sharpened pencils, rules to the game, and a jar of random drawing ideas to get them started.


  1. Gosh...I just love this! Simple and perfect! Thank you for sharing this one!!!

    1. I hope your kids love it.It's way fun and a great way to spend family time together.