Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Memories

"Children are irresistibly attracted to old drawers, or to the opening of receptacles usually closed against their inquisitive examinations. And mothers usually have places where memorials and tokens of the past, little trifles once the property of the departed, and articles reminding them of their girlhood and youth, are carefully deposited. There is a melancholy pleasure in examining these stores of things which affection has consecrated. The mind is busy with the past, and the thoughts retreat amid the dim and shadowy recollections of other days." - Rev. H Hastings Weld from The Star of Bethlehem, 1851.

This is exactly how I feel when I open up our Christmas boxes full of items that have been given to me through the years. Ornaments given to me by my granny, red lights from my grandmother (which I am terrified to use since they are so old, but can't seem to throw them away either). Ornaments from my childhood and ones made by my son.  The memories of each Christmas where we remember the past and create memories for the future.


  1. SO beautiful! Gosh...perfectly written! And your ornaments are just exquisite!!! What an amazing piece of the past to have for your Christmas home!

    1. I guess we are in the same nostalgic mood when decorating for Christmas. Your post was lovely as well.