Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sky Meadows State Park

The Toil of the Trail
What have I gained by the toil of the trail?
I know and know well.
I have found once again the lore I had lost
In the loud city's hell.
 I have broadened my hand to the cinch and the axe,
I have laid my flesh to the rain; 
I was hunter and trailer and guide;
I have touched the most primitive wildness again.
  I have threaded the wild with the stealth of the deer,
No eagle is freer than I;
No mountain can thwart me, no torrent appall,
 I defy the stern sky.

So long as I live these joys will remain,
I have touched the most primitive wildness again.

-Hamlin Garland

I've never been hiking on trails that go through cow fields.  I have to say, the cows were so sweet and friendly. The only catch, you really had to watch where you were stepping.  This park was beautiful.  It was busier than we expected for this time of year, but the weather was so gorgeous it was no wonder.  
Family hikes really are my favorite weekend activity.

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  1. That poem paired with your photos and experiences is perfect! I think that is an outstanding activity to do as a family....nothing revives the soul better!! Hope you are well!