Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Roughing It

 Camping with my husband is always an experience.  Tents are nice, but he prefers the Bear Grylls style.Our "tent" in the making.

Almost complete

The roof from the inside
Optimum relaxing area - beware, you may never want to leave...
Our cooking area, and serving table.  This guy thinks of everything.

I love family camping - well with my family anyway.  I hope you all have fun 4th of July plans in the making!


  1. Now that is cool! You guys sure know how to do it!!!! And the hammock is just too cozy looking! What an outstanding experience for your family!

  2. He is so imaginative!

    As much as I like to pretend the outdoors are totally awesome all the time....when I go camping I NEED something that zips up to keep the mosquitos away. They seriously eat me alive!

    1. this camping trip was over memorial weekend so mosquitos weren't out yet. this weekend, we just went hiking and I am totally covered in bites. i am perfectly miserable today. darn biting insects!