Friday, July 12, 2013

CSA - 2013

We are very blessed to be a part of a local CSA.  Heirloom Italy - AP Marrone Farm

Weekly we get a box full of veggies.  There is always a great variety.  During these months of veggie abundance, we try to plan our meals around our box.  All the veggie scraps and peelings go to our compost pile aka: the "Veggie Drive Through".  Our chickens come running as soon as they see us heading towards it.

In an effort to use all the veggies and limit our waste, I always make a huge container of salad for the fridge. This makes packing my lunch for work a breeze.  It saves time later on when the heat is blazing and we just want something cold for a salad.

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  1. You are really inspiring!!! So good to eat from the earth like this and the fact that you are limiting waste is just awesome! How cool that you get such a beautiful box of veggies!!!