Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thrifty Finds

We recently discovered a new thrift store a few towns over.  They have racks specifically marked "Vintage" clothing.  I love vintage clothing for so many reasons.  I spotted this dress and instantly thought of one of my nieces.

I love the detail of the sleeves. 

 And this fellow fell in LOVE with this suit.  It fits him perfectly, as if it were made for him.
He has been wearing it like a uniform ever since.  He told us he was never taking it off, but we have had a few costume changes - although not many and very much against his will.
This brand is "Billy the Kid".  He actually owns a vintage jacket with the same label.  The store had quite a few "Billy the Kid" clothes that I was trying to convince him to buy, but he only had eyes for this.  
You gotta love a kid with style....even if it resembles a car salesman from 1972.