Friday, March 15, 2013


Deodorant: 1/4 c arrowroot, 1/4 c baking soda, 6-8 tbsp solid coconut oil, and essential oils
 mix it all together.  I used a pastry mixer.  The mixture will be a bit crumbly looking, like bread crumbs
and you will probably be thinking "this isn't turning out right"...but don't worry, it's fine.
 Once the mixture is put into a jar, it feels more like conventional deodorant.  I just use my fingertips to apply.  You can also try  reuse a commercial deodorant dispenser.  The one I had wouldn't let me reverse the mechanism that pushes the deodorant up.  I don't mind though.  
I like the look of the glass jar much better.  


  1. You are the coolest! I can't believe this really works!

  2. I've been using it and it does! It is amazing the things we have purchased over the years and never needed to!