Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TN Trip. Day 4-5

Day four we went to the Ripley's Aquarium. It was so fun and full of interesting sea life we went through it twice. Then we headed off to another game of mini golf. This time the Man won. Apparently I am not gifted in the arts of mini golf. We spent the rest of the day shopping, eating, and becoming completly confused in a mirror maze.

Day five we packed up and left town, but not before stopping at Krispy Kreme for fresh made donuts.  In order to break up the monotony of the 8 hour drive home, we stopped at a huge antique store. This shop was so unique. It had the most random selection of items including a real electric chair.  No joke!

 On the side of it was a framed newspaper announcing the last person to be executed in the chair. It was quite frightening and gave you a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. My knees feel quite weak just posting this.

After a few more hours of driving we stopped at Luray Caverns in Luray, VA. The kid and I have been here before but this was the first time the man has ever been in a "commercial" cave. I think he was pretty impressed.
We are home and have fallen back into our regular schedules. It was really nice getting away. Just the three of us.


  1. What a fun looking trip! Such breathtaking sites. Except for that electric chair **shudder**

    1. Who purchases an electric chair?? I mean, I guess it would be interesting for a museum of torture???