Monday, October 15, 2012

Chicken Love

These two are the fanciest - they like to show off their lacy feathers

Mr. Puffy Cheeks with his ladies

Our frizzle/silky mix - quite the rock star and our mini rooster. 


  1. Your chickens are beautiful! I can't help but want to chase them around the yard and hug them, but I'm pretty sure chickens aren't really into hugs. ;)

  2. A few days ago our neighbors dog got loose and killed 9 of our chickens!!! So sad.

    On a brighter note, some of the chickens are nicer than others. We have two sisters: Sarah and Phoebe and they let you hold them, but only on their terms.

  3. You have some of the prettiest chickens I have ever seen! I just read your comment about your neighbors dog. That's so sad! awww