Saturday, March 14, 2015

Conscious Box

I recently read a blog post on Winding Ridge Lane'.  She did a review of the Vegan Cuts subscription box. I've wanted to sign up for a monthly box subscription for some time now.  I'm really bad about buying myself anything.  I get buyers guilt like nobody's business.  I decided to stop contemplating and just do it.  I signed up for a 6 month subscription to Conscious Box. I like this one because it is a mix of food, beauty, cleaning, and vitamin products.

This was February's box. It felt like I was opening a Christmas stocking, trial sizes of different products. I really like the idea of this. I can try something out before investing in the full version or just discover new products.  


  1. Oh Man!! I need to try this!!! I follow Jane's blog and I would love to give this one a go! A treat indeed buddy! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xo

    1. It is really fun to get random items in the mail.