Monday, February 9, 2015

Sweet and Spicy

I stumbled across this wonderful blog post.  The recipe peaked my interest and seemed like a perfect winter meal, so I decided I had to try it.

Did you know the easiest way to peel ginger root is by using a spoon? True story. It's the perfect tool to get into all the hard to reach areas. The outer layer of the ginger is easily removed this way.

The carrot,-ginger puree turned out okay - I think I might have used too much ginger. It was quite spicy, but very warming. I really wanted to try making the goat cheese drop biscuits that Tracie suggested, but decided to make roasted broccoli and homemade pizza so my child would have something to eat. I knew the soup would be too spicy for his liking.

My husband used some of the extra puree the following night as a sauce for these roasted beets topped with celery root.

Amazingly, I still had a bit it puree left over and wasn't sure what to do with it. I decided to add the rest to muffins. Even though the soup was savory and spicy, the muffins turned out great. With a sweet, carrot cake flavor. Even my son approved of them. I loved that this recipe served us for so many meals and added its own element to each dish. 


  1. i'm glad you tried the soup.
    ahhh yea that ginger it can get away from you quick!

    i made a sweet potato soup yesterday and chopped just a little too much ginger. i had to spot myself from tossing in the extra which i know would have ruined the soup.
    i really need to share the recipe for the goat cheese biscuits. i made them again yesterday. they are so good!

    glad to see you salvaged the soup/puree for other meals!

    1. Yes, please post the goat cheese biscuits! I'd love to make them.

  2. My goodness this all looks divine!!! I so want some of that soup right about now!! And YAY for using the rest of your puree for muffins! A win win! Wishing you all good things this week! Nicole xoxo

  3. I did not know that the best tool to peel a ginger is by using a spoon! I've been using a peeler all my life. Thank you so much for this helpful tip!