Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year: 2015

It's a new year, a clean slate, a fresh start.

We are challenging ourselves this year to see how much we can make from scratch.  This means buying 1 ingredient items and making them into what we want to eat (with the exception of dairy items because we don't have room for a cow). This was MY idea and I am already kicking myself for even suggesting it. But, I do like a good challenge, so we will see how it goes.

We are  really good at making food from scratch for breakfast and dinner.  It's lunch that always gets us.  We decided to make a good supply of quick homemade pre-made items to stock the freezer.

So far we have:

-black bean burgers
-hot pockets (I made broccoli and cheddar cheese and chicken, broccoli, and mozzarella with marinara sauce- which had to be made from scratch as well).  Initially I wanted to use pepperoni, but my husband reminded me that pepperoni was not a 1 ingredient item. (Man, he's a stickler.)
-granola bars

Next on the list is bean and cheese burritos which my son eats a lot.  I have to learn to make tortillas first.  I have a recipe and plan on tackling this.  I will feel like a super hero if I can pull it off!

So, here's to a new year of challenges.  I'm looking forward to it and hope I can keep the momentum going.  We are definitely going to sign up for a CSA again.  We really missed it last year. We didn't frequent the farmer's market as much as we would have if we had to go to pick up our share. I've already contacted the farm.  We will also continue the attempt of growing our own veggies in our sad, shady soil.

What is your new year's resolution?  Also, if you have make ahead meal ideas, feel free to share!


  1. Hi Kate! What a challenge! But a good one! I'm excited to follow along and see how you guys fare with this. I would miss the pepperoni, but maybe you have a good substitute with the chicken. Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

    1. When I came up with the idea, I wasn't thinking about everything, like condiments and such. We agreed that diary and beverages were ok for now. I think preparation is the key. Have a blessed 2015!

  2. Fantastic idea, best of luck.
    Hugs, Meredith

  3. Man I can't wait to see how this goes for you guys!!! Love this idea!!! It always makes me feel better to create food from simple and healthy straight forward ingredients though I give you serious props cause it takes time! But if our country as a whole just tried to do this for one meal we would be such a healthier nation! Keep us posted lady!!! Nicole xo