Friday, October 24, 2014

Colorado - other landmarks

We tried to make the most of our trip and hit some major landmarks that were within an hour or so of where we were staying. 

 We went to "dinosaur ridge"In 1877, some of the best-known dinosaurs were found here, including ApatosaurusDiplodocusStegosaurus, and Allosaurus.

 The Red Rocks Park stage is amazing. My sister in law and her husband saw Hillsong United here. I can't imagine how beautiful that must have been.

We also went to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. It was pretty interesting to see these structures build into the cliffs. It's so hard to imagine what life was like long ago, but this provides a small glimpse into the past world.
Our last hike was to Garden of Gods. My phone died so I didn't get any pictures. It was kind of nice to just hike and enjoy the moment without photographing everything.

We all really enjoyed our visit. My son kept saying he felt like we were on another planet because the trees, rock, mountains...everything is just so different. And, no matter how much my sister in law tried to convince us we should move out there, we all agreed we LOVE where we live and were happy to come back home to the changing leaves of WV.

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