Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stinging Nettle

Saturdays I find myself by the riverside with thick rubber gloves foraging this crazy plant that is super nutritious and full of health benefits. 

I remove the leaves with scissors.  Cooking removes the stinging hairs, leaving only the woodsy-tasting leaves behind. 

You can use nettle to make pesto, use in quiches, soups, etc.  This batch was cooked down and mixed with roasted quail and stuffed into homemade raviolis.  This is definitely a plant worth foraging and using.


  1. Who knew it was good to eat...I had a run-in with it on bare legs when I was in Jr. High, and have avoided it all all costs!

    1. Yeah - it can be very, VERY annoying if you don't know what it is and aren't prepared in dealing with those nettles.