Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hiking in January

The weather has been crazy lately, from bitter cold and below freezing temperatures to 40 degree days.  Those above freezing days feel like summer after the windy chill of the polar vortex.  We grab our coats and head out to get some much needed sun and fresh air!

 Hiking in January means wearing orange (we don't want to be mistaken for deer!). It means flooded trails from melted snow with crusty iced edges. Frozen ground and quiet, quiet.
 Lots of monotone browns that make the sky seem more brilliant blue than ever
 And finding green pathways of mossy green, you can't help but follow into the wild woods.

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  1. The weather has been crazy! And ha...yes.... When it hits 30 I feel like we are in Florida!!! So glad you all can get out in paradise for walks ! Love that mossy trail! A happy weekend to you! Nicole