Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Hurrah

"Therefore I hope, as no unwelcome guest, At your warm fireside, when the lamps are lighted, To have my place reserved among the rest, Nor stand as one unsought and uninvited!" - Longfellow 1896

At the end of August my son and I went camping with a few friends.  The campsite was in PA and was more than I expected.  Camping with the girls is normally a bit more civilized then camping with the guys, but this place was really just perfect.

Riverside wildflowers were bloomed for our arrival.

 Our tent site was on the most lush grass you could hope for.  Not a rock in site.

There was plenty of firewood ready to throw on the fire.

An acceptable place to relieve yourself - complete with toilet paper and a sensor light.

Scenery and sunshine that comes from dreams and hopeful wishing

And an elusive Heron.  It really didn't want me taking it's picture, but I finally was able to get one.

We went canoeing.  I took the most amazing nap in the middle of the day.  The weekend was just relaxing and perfect.  If only every weekend could be so full of relaxation.  I am thankful for what I get.

If you haven't been camping in a while, I recommend calling up a few friends and heading out to the great outdoors.


  1. Beautiful post, I'm a PA girl and I have fond memories of camping...Chrissie x

    1. I love being outside! PA is a beautiful state.