Thursday, February 28, 2013

Failed Attempt at Bagels

I've been trying to make some homemade something once a week.  This week we decided on bagels.  I won't be posting the recipe because they didn't really turn out.  But, they were really fun to make.
I think my first mistake was that I didn't let the dough rise enough.
You make golf ball sized dough balls and then poke your finger through it.  You then spin the dough until a ring forms.  Fun for all ages!
 They are dropped into salted, boiling water for 3 min.  Flipped and boiled 3 more minutes.  I lost track of time doing this part.  You are only supposed to put in four at a time so I kept forgetting if it was the first 3 min or the second 3 min and whether or not they were already flipped.  You really can't multi-task when making these, which I can't help but do.

After they are boiled, they are baked.  You give them an egg wash and then add seeds if you want.  I think
they could have probably baked a little longer too.  I kind of messed up a little on each step.  They were edible, but not great.  I'm not giving up.  I will definitely try to make them again.  One day.


  1. They don't look bad. I tried to make macarons and failed miserably but I will try again! x

    1. The bagels tasted "ok" when eaten right away, but not the best consistency. A friend of mine is a macaroon master, but i've never been brave enough to try them.