Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tennessee Trip. Day 1

The drive to TN was pretty. There was still a bit of color on the trees and even a dusting of snow through parts of VA. We stopped at a unique restaurant in Wytheville, VA. A 1776 Log House. It was amazing to say the least. The food was incredible and the house was beautiful. After ordering your food, they encourage you to explore the house and grounds until your dinner is ready.

A walk through the gardens brought you to a building full of antiques. It was so nice to have something interesting to do and stretch our legs while our dinner was being prepared.  I found a walnut tray with intricate metal work for my mother for Christmas.

The food was good. The atmosphere warm and inviting. After dinner we found a hotel that had a heated indoor pool. The water was seriously as warm as bathwater. This was probably one of my most favorite days of our trip.

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