Sunday, September 9, 2012

 The weather is beautiful today, crisp, cool, and sunny all at once. We decided to seize the moment with a quick bike ride around the neighborhood. Just a few short pedals from our home is breathtaking scenery. 

In a few weeks, these green mountains will be tinted with the colors of fall. I can't wait!

 I hope you are seizing the last bit of this weekend - before you know it this moment will be gone.


  1. so excited to see a post in my blog reader, i see the side bar widget stuff is covering the photos but we can try and fix that next time you come over, or just play with it and i'll bet youll figure it out! thanks for the fun this weekend

    1. Thanks Heidi. Yes, I'm still trying to figure it out. When the post comes up on my bloglines, the photos are all stretched. Not sure why - If I go direct to the link, they are fine. Work in progress:)

  2. love the new blog, absolutely stunning photos.